March 2, 2018

Please note that Federal Government offices in the Washington, DC metropolitan areas are closed today due to inclement weather; therefore applicable units/departments on Macfadden government projects in the Washington, DC areas will be closed as well.

Macfadden Office Closure and Dismissal Procedures:

Macfadden generally follows the federal government regarding office closings and delays. However, as Macfadden is a private contractor to the government, our employees do not have the same paid leave benefits as those individuals employed directly by the federal government. This policy outlines the specific policies and procedures to which Macfadden adheres.  Employees may call the OPM Operating Status Line on 202.606.1900 to hear the most recent announcement regarding the operating status of an affected federal government employee location.

Alternatively, you may visit OPM’s ‘current status’ page via

If the location at which you work is not specifically stated on the Status Line, employees should assume that the applicable office is OPEN for business and plan to come to work accordingly.  

The complete policy on office closures and dismissals is attached to this email and can also be accessed via the link below:

Macfadden Office Closure and Dismissal Procedures